Think We Have Coaching Problems?

From here:
The serious qualification is the Grade A UEFA license, at which level Spain have 750 qualified and England 150. Of those, 640 of the Spanish Grade A licensed coaches work with children and youth players, compared to none in England.
Well, I don't know, honestly, what boat we're in. Hard information about USSF operations is hard to come by.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think in raw numbers we have more youths playing than several other nations combined?


Tom said...

We do. We also have a leaky pipeline, and it isn't clear our coaching quality is very high (definitely not at the lowest levels).

Tom said...

To be sure, we've got the raw materials and some of the conditions for continued improvement. I'd just like to see some truly top-caliber USMNT before 2050, when we're projected to start winning everything.