Possibly Mankind's Greatest Achievement

Turkey Hill Extreme Cookies 'N Cream ice cream. It is AMAZING. It contains decent chocolate ice cream and that crunchy stuff from inside Thin Mints. NOM NOM NOM NOM


Retirement Party

First one I've been to, on Tuesday. The General who'd been acting as the head of our Directorate is all done with us, heading off to greener pastures. Many gag gifts were given, and then a sweet golf-bag in the Marine Corps colors with a custom embroidered Corps logo and stars in the number he's leaving behind.

In connection with the golf bag, he was also given some Army and Navy towels... with which to wash his balls.


Safe and Sound

No idea what happened this evening at the Pentagon Metro entrance; while I do go through there every day, I was home and in the gym by the time that today's crazy events unfolded.