Take that, Mother Earth! *kick*

This ad showed up at the top of my Gmail window this morning. These people should be shot. Or strangled with their own product. Something.



So I am moving out. My first house, with Thea. It's in Eugene. I will be going to Lane and working at Blockbuster, still, but that's good news for me. I am really excited. I also bought a pretty nifty set of knives. Most things we have so far have been really cheap or free. For example, we got a free couch from the side of the road. It was in a good neighborhood so I think its probably free of bugs and such. Who knows. It WAS free, after all. Wish me many good lucks, por favor.



We have now achieved 1kPost.



  • Most of the flood damage has been repaired. A few things remain, but man, we really lucked out.
  • Moving office. Again.
  • We went to Oil Rig Eureka and dove under it. It was very interesting. Sea lions are funny. There were so very many tiny fish that sometimes you couldn't see!
  • We also saw a taping of Last Comic Standing, in North Hollywood. It was a long wait for two ten-minute sets. The comedians were both funny, but the taping portion made me feel vaguely dirty. Not in any kind of good way, either, Woody Allen.
  • Falafel fried chicken. 'Nuff said.
  • Some good friends of ours are expecting a baby. The expecting father says, "people don't make babies: babies make babies."