Memory Fail

There was a Comedy Central special (years ago), that featured female comedians. There were two really hilarious comedians: one (Sharon Houston) did a really funny bit about her fabulous wedding... there was another really funny lady, but I can't remember much other than she was funny as heck and sort of reminded me of a younger Brett Butler. So it's impossible to track her down (try googling "comedian who likes pot").



Since the last month or so of work has been busy and somewhat unpleasant I've taken a break from blogging and from exercising (more or less). Today I had a fortuitous meeting out of the office to end the day, so I got home early. I went to the pool and swam 800 yards. It was not too bad. I'm holding steady at 160 lbs, down from 178 at the New Year, so that's pretty good (since I've also taken a break from the improved eating habits we've been instituting here in the household since 1 Jan 11).



Made some simply delicious biscuits and gravy for dinner. Susan gets those frozen pillsbury biscuits, and I ovened up some of them. While I was doing that I was dicing about one medium large onion (actually a half medium white and a quarter large red) and one large orange pepper up, then sauteeing in a bit of oil and salt and pepper. Then I added about a half cup slice mushrooms and let the cook up a bit. I then popped four chicken thighs into the pan, having cleared some room so they'd get a nice sear on. I seasoned the side facing up with a bit of garlic, salt, and pepper and flipped them for the same treatment on the other side after about a minute. Then I added about half a cup of white whine and half a cup of veggie stock. Agitate a bit, then when you've got a medium bubble going again, flip, and stir. When that achieves a medium bubble again, reduce heat and simmer. After a few more minutes, the chicken is done. Pull the thighs out and puree the braise. Pour that over your chicken and biscuits and enjoy. It was very tasty and super easy.


Hmm, Maybe Not

Busy streak resumed 1 day after I thought it was to end. Put some things to bed today, have a whole 'nuther effort to start, yesterday. Had an interesting experience, not actually at work, but work-related. Nice to be in demand, sometimes. Sometimes, though, it is just scary (what if you mess up?).



Hit a pretty busy streak there in mid-February. May be letting up for a couple of weeks, followed (possibly) by some more franting (frantically working). It's funny, because we're about 180° out of phase with the rest of our organization.