Don't Worry Cam, I can Teach you Fire Safety

This one time, at Cam's house, I sorta-kinda fell asleep on the couch while we were watching TV. Apparently I started talking in my sleep. I said, aloud, "Don't worry Cam, I can teach you fire safety." And I mentioned something about not wanting to bake a cake.

Fast forward a few years. Cameron ends up working for a wildland firefighting firm. Who's teaching who about fire safety?

And cake sounds freaking great right about now.


Is there any other kind?

There is a (probably unintentionally) funny ad in the L.A. Times Community Local Values insert this week.
Laser Eye Center: Custom Lasik!
Pardon me if I don't really think there's much value in "one size fits all" eye surgery...


Great Lakes Hurricane?

Inter-racial bear pairs?

Behold the great white grizzpo. Actually, the proposed Inuit name for this grizzly-polar bear hybrid is much cooler - nanulak, which comes from "nanuk" (polar) and "aklak" (grizzly).

"Oh look, honey. It's that talking duck from that insurance company. Say it again, buddy!"
"No, seriously guys, aklak!"
"Hahaha...silly duck. You slay me."
"Dude, forget the insurance. Look behind you. Aklak!"
"What's that hot breath on my neck? And that growling in my ear? And that..."



Yes, but will it make you a sandwich?

Silly Slate article claiming a $600 Playstation 3 would make a better lifemate than another, you know, actual human being.
Unlike a nagging spouse, the PS3 doesn't care about your income or your level of education — it loves you just the way you are.* It is true that you will eventually become accustomed to your sleek new PS3, but this will take an extremely long time. The PS3, after all, has been built expressly to keep mind-blowing novelty coming and coming and coming. Periodic infusions of novelty — new games — will keep the endorphins flowing.

*This is assuming, of course, that PS3s are in fact capable of love, which I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say isn't an accurate assumption to be making.