It may be true that the "Bin Laden factor" gave Shrub an edge in 2004, but this still makes me feel a little icky inside.


A cougar wandered into Altadena yesterday. This report doesn't mention it, but I also heard the cat was stalking some fake deer in someone's yard. I'm giggling and feeling sorry for it all at once...

Also, I get a kick out of the fact that the last name of the guy who found the cougar in his yard is Bovinette. Vicious predator gravitates to smallest cow in the herd...



Cloudy Skies and Cleansing Rain

Last week or so we had temperatures in the upper eighties. Santa Ana Conditions. Chatsworth on fire. Air full of dirt and gritty heat. Eyes burning, lips chapped, etc.

In the course of a few days, tbe temperature dramatically decreased. Ten degree drops on consecutive days. Getting nice out.

Since Friday we've had pounding rain, wind, and dramatic skies. Excellent. Even the thickest layer of grime came off of Susan's car!


Unknown White Male

This documentary about a guy with retrograde amnesia looks really intriguing. Via Mind Hacks.

Not that I'd want to live there, but...

This is a pretty impressive set of photos of 3D optical illusions on a grand scale. Thanks for that, geekpress.


A little outdated, but still fun

Which Supreme Court Justice are you? http://www.quizilla.com/users/bannana873/quizzes/Which%20Supreme%20Court%20Justice%20Are%20You%3F John Paul Stevens, oooh yeeeah. You're John Paul Stevens! You are the sole remaining true liberal on the court. You stand proudly for what you believe in, and you seem to refuse to slow down. You are strong when you should be weak, and by all accounts, you'll live to be 200, good job!


Funnier than SNL

We all know that the main problem with SNL is that they beat sketches to death. They beat and beat and beat and beat and beat and beat (and beat)^100 to death the poor sketches. In fact, I think it would be much better were they to just present the premise of their bits. Hell- just televise a pitch meeting; you get all the funny setups and none of the poor attempts at acting.


Shadowy G-man Seen On Gobbler's Knob

They should just start the Groundhog Day ceremony a couple of hours earlier. No way that groundhog's going to see any shadow if the sun's not up yet.


If you're dumb enough to not realize that listening to music at a high volume can lead to hearing loss, you're dumb enough to be mocked for your silly-ass lawsuit. Mock, mock, mock.