Top Shot

Pretty amusing program. In one challenge they use a Barrett M82A1. I shot that some time ago, at 400 yards. They did it at 1000 yards. Wow! Cool!



So it seems to be spring here. How about there?


Such a Sap

Saw an ep of "Premier League World" that had a segment about Shaun Wright-Phillips. He's heavily involved in a charity for children. They showed him playing silly games with the kids. Awwww.



Since I returned to the exercise routine a couple of weeks back I've been swimming, rather than running. The pain in the joints and the tedium was not too attractive, so I opted for a change. I've done 1200 yards Saturday, Sunday, and this evening. Was very tired about half-way through, this evening. Not too bad, over all. Would be nice if I was *better* at swimming, though.


From here:
[America] housed four hundred thousand Nazis on American soil during the war. We wet ourselves over housing one hundred seventy-two miscellaneous troglodytes from Afghanistan… many years after the war. It’s just too dangerous!
Now, I'm not some "Good Old Days" apologist, but apparently we were made of sterner stuff back when.


Effin' is True

There's a show on G4 called "Effin' Science." In the space of minutes, there was about a dozen examples of them effin' it up. OTOH, they did some chicken cannonades and other fun things. On yet another hand, they were desperately unsafe with a couple of things they did.