Is That Even Allowed?

At the training course I went to last week, I saw a woman--a civilian employee of the US Army--reading "Atlas Shrugged."


The Job

Thus far, my experience has been good. There was a minor bureaucratic snag in the first couple of days. A lack of coordination left me computerless, but I found some pertinent documentation left by my predecessors and went through it for a couple of days so I wasn't completely at loose ends.

I spent some time interacting with some of the contractors involved with what I ought to be working on, which was useful.

My immediate colleagues seem like nice folks. A couple of long time guys and another new analyst from my same school (different option; she studied chemistry).


Still Transmitting

We went into the district to hang out with Max, this morning. The plan was to go check out a farmers market. Selection-wise, the produce was unimpressive. However, the assortment of yuppie strivers on display was notable. Also important to remember is that strollers aren't really so great in crowds. I know we know it, but maybe it just isn't in our bones. Soren will just have to walk. He nearly could--but he'd be squished in an instant because he tends to stagger from side to side a fair bit, until he builds up some momentum.



So you know, I am emailable in the mail domain of that company that claims their motto is "Don't be evil." And the proper place to direct said missives is johnson.thomas.j... Also, our phone numbers have changed so when you'd like to call, email first and I'll get you that information. Susan did an excellent job getting us situated here in Alexandria, finding a place to live and a conveyance to carry folks about. It isn't a rickshaw, though. That would be silly. I'm getting set up at work, taking required trainings and filling out lots of forms and trying to learn as much as I can before I get fully tasked. Some interesting things about work: There is a buttload of Colonels (and Captains) and Lieutenant Colonels (and Commanders and such). Boats-full of Majors... I get lost with some frequency, as the portion of the building I need to traverse the most is under heavy construction and so corridors that should go through do not, requiring one to go up a floor before the obstruction and down, after. I totally feel like I'm playing dress-up, with the fancy clothes. I don't know how everyone does it so earnestly. Also, wearing nice clothes takes more time because you have to care for them, and avoid cat hair. The train in is less crowded than the train out, by quite a bit. Bringing my own lunch will be a much better option than anything there. The food places are farr too mall-like. There is a Sbarro. My new wakeup is 0620, which is earlier than I'd prefer, but not too bad. Max picked me up at the metro station on the way home, yesterday, and came over for dinner. We both had little attache-case things and fancy clothes on. It was surreal. Not exactly the same old jeans+T-shirt for me, khakis and long-sleeved T-shirt for Max.