My husband is a superstar

Seriously. Go here. I dare you to disagree.

Happy Gilmore come to life

"Give me my ball, come on, pop it up, you dirty bastard. I swear I'm gonna... give the ball, alligator. Hey, you've got one eye...Chubbs! You took his hand!"

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I have fond memories of my dad picking me up from soccer practice. Junior high, maybe? Sometimes we'd stop at a little market just before the freeway and each get one of those 16oz glass bottles of Mountain Dew.

Similarly, I remember getting 2 Big Macs for $2, after basketball games, and riding a while with my window down to cool off after playing hard in the too-hot gym.


My Temporary Office View

As "senior" student in my office, I get the window.



Now, that's an interesting (partial) menu of services...


Run Silent, Run Deep

So... what's new?

We've been on the busy side, the last couple of weeks.

Susan is trying to get her master's thesis done. Therefore, she's been spending afternoons and evenings at work, where furry little beasts don't distract her by napping in her lap (I sure hope not, at least). There was some tricky X-acto knifery, yesterday, which, fortunately, did not result in (m)any band-aid related activities. Now she almost has a swell set of stackable cups for use in dividing her samples into different particle-sizes.

I've been trying to get an experimental setup completed at work. That took more time than I'd hoped, but it is done now. Possibly, I overdid it, aligning the optics to the extent that a whole passel of tiny reflections is being imaged. It got a little confusing. I'll see about getting a picture of that thing.

Also, I'm doing a re-write of a paper we're trying to get submitted to Applied Physics Letters. It is pretty neat. A small result that we came up with on the way to a better one, it still merits publication, I think, because it is of fairly general (as true as that ever is in academic work (meaning: in the subfield of our subfield)) use. We'd hoped to submit it at the end of May, but I dropped the ball on that.

I've got another paper that I'm supposed to go and write, too. That one is kind of a sequel to one that my colleague wrote. Should also be useful, if I can get the simulations I need to run with my limited computer-access. The problem, there, is that I need to have two objects in the simulation domain with fairly widely varying sizes, which is a pain in the rear. Also, the software I need to use runs on Linux. Ew.

Anyhow, we'll be going up to Oregon (the upper parts) at the very end of this month. That'll be nice, since I bet it'll be ridiculously hot here by then. As it is, the June gloom is not seriously living up to its potential. I'm bitterly disappointed.