Animal Cruelty in Harney County, OR

Over 100 dogs were rescued from a property 20 miles south of Burns, OR earlier this month. It is the worst case of animal neglect in the state's history. This is wintertime in the desert which means it has been 15 below and all of these dogs were kept outside. Most of them had never had real dog food, instead fed on livestock carcass their owners threw to them. Steel drums housed deceased dogs. There were even some sickly looking horses running around. The owners released most of those dogs, in exchange for them getting to keep 20 of their dogs. OHS has been relocating the dogs to shelters around the state that have any space, and Greenhill has four. Many are feral and could possibly be put down. Three of the dogs we have a really frightened, but one of them will be ready for adoption soon once she gets altered! You can watch the video here of OHS's rescue. And the local news talking to my supervisor at Greenhill.