Wave Update

Finished putting that thing together; it worked better before I finished it!




Not done yet. Bending the hardboard takes some time. But, plenty of progress, and I think it looks pretty cool. On the other hand, next time remind me to actually plan it out. Particularly if I'm going to be salvaging warped plywood previously cut to inconvenintly-sized pieces.

If you happen to see an 18V Black&Decker cordless circular saw anywhere, let me know, or pick it up for me and I'll reimburse you ;) I've been looking, but they're thin on the ground.

True Confession

I also robbed a bank with a merman during my guest stint on Meerkat Manor.



Since I saw an ad for the SoccerWave training aid, I have wanted one. But it costs $200 and is backordered anyhow. So I have set out to build one. I had some plywood from an aborted attempt at making a collapsable picinic table for Soren (wood was too thin), so I've repurposed it, and all but the curved ramp and the very top (I have supplies for both) are done. Should finish it tomorrow, hopefully. Would be easier with a circular saw.

Who is Snakebit Now?

Was walking along a parking median at the grocery store today, stepped in a hole concealed by grass and took a tumble. I'm sure it looked funny as hell, but I torques the ever-loving crap out of my ankle. Not so bad for straight-ahead walking in shoes, fortunately for the shopping list. Got home and took 'em off, though, and found that it is still pretty unpleasant. So, lucky, right?


Second Verse, Same as the First

Ran 2 miles at 9.3 mph, again.


Season Changing

Well, it isn't fully into fall (yet), but it surely is beginning. It has been lovely out the last several mornings, and well into the day.


2/3 of the Way There

Did 2 miles tonight at 9.3mph. Now to extend that to 3.1 miles.



Wow. Since yesterday evening I've been just epically tired. Dunno why.



Watched Real Madrid bs Ajax this morning. That Ronaldo just could not score. Hehehe. Poor Widdle Baybee.


Diane Rehm Show

I don't know who this guest is, but he just made the asinine claim that Peter Orszag's recent op-ed in the New York Times (where he argued that if the only way to extend the currently-scheduled-to-expire-per-the-legislation-passed-under-the-previous-administration middle-class tax rates is to also extend the (blahblahblah) rates for the rich, they should go ahead and extend the rates for the rich) might possibly be the reason he is now the former director of the OMB.

So stupid. He did the job for about 2 years. The average tenure for presidential appointees is less than 3 years. Dude has like 3 kids and juggles his many scandalous relationships all the time. He quit 'cause he was tired!


Not Getting Much Easier

Did 2 miles of intervals (30s/60s at 12mph/8mph) with a half mile on either side at 7mph (part of warm-up and cool-down)

My Invention

Imagine a set of billiard balls with various types of hair/textures. The gameplay would be bizarre and interesting.

St Louis Fed

Illustrates the data.



I'm following Susan in reading "Love in a Time of Homeschooling: A Mother and Daughter's Uncommon Year," by Laura Brodie. It is interesting, if overly precious.


Looking Silly in Public

Ran wind-sprints again, today. 8x70 yards, jogging back for recovery. Split a mile on either side, for warm-up and cool-down. People look awfully silly sprinting unless they're actual athletes. So I'm sure folks walking by or driving in the parking lot had a few chuckles.


Got my permanent crown put in today. Took a long time for not much. I scheduled this one for 0730, though, so at least I still was at work and such when my boss arrived.


I Don't Care

NPR, could you please do fewer stories on opera/tango singers who have been dead for 75 years? That's 7 minutes of input I'll never get back.


Slowly Lowly

Ran 4 miles, in 27:25, today.



Did some stationary bike, ran a mile (in 5:40 not a typo, I was hauling butt) and then some elliptical trainer. Whew.




Stomach has been fluttery, sleep disturbed, of late. Possibly because a briefing my boss and I wrote is going to very high levels of our hierarchy quite soon.


Ran 2 miles, 12:50.

Roughly the Same Age

Giggler Soren & Tail of Leo


Let's Go Faster!

Ran 2 miles today, in 12:40.


Run run run

Ran 2 miles in 12:55 today.



Total compensation to labor over time is... constant?



Dear Madam,

Perhaps you were unaware that spraying yourself with perfume on the bus is not a nice thing to do!