Still Transmitting

We went into the district to hang out with Max, this morning. The plan was to go check out a farmers market. Selection-wise, the produce was unimpressive. However, the assortment of yuppie strivers on display was notable. Also important to remember is that strollers aren't really so great in crowds. I know we know it, but maybe it just isn't in our bones. Soren will just have to walk. He nearly could--but he'd be squished in an instant because he tends to stagger from side to side a fair bit, until he builds up some momentum.


ml said...

nice. you're city people now!! can you still carry soren in the bjorn-type thing or a backpack? or is he too big for that now?

blog more about the job. i want to hear all about it!!

susan said...

He's really getting too tall for the bjorn, and I thought (incorrectly, I guess) that the stroller would be easier than the backpack, especially if we were going to end up walking a long way. Oh well.