I made a grilled pepper and beet and bacon salad as a side dish tonight. With a honey-balsalmic vinegarette. It was really good. Roughly, I julienned each, then grilled them (on the Foreman grill). Used 3 pieces of bacon, 1/2 bell pepper, and three steamed beets. This was slightly too much bacon. You'll want to make this bacon crispy, and develop a bit of char if possible, here and there.


susan said...

It was, indeed, very good. I wouldn't have thought to pair beets with bacon, but they end up complimenting each other nicely.

madre said...

Too much bacon?! Is that even possible?? Yummy combo of flavors and textures.

Tom said...

Well, I mean, the bacon was intended to bring smokey saltiness and a bit of crunch to a dish that was "about" the beets, since we had beef for our protein!