Forgotten How

I've more or less forgotten how to play chess. I still know the rules, and basically what is going on, but my (admittedly never razor-sharp) Spidey Sense has disappeared. I used to enjoy playing quite a bit, and even got somewhat good for a few months in college, playing with a post doc in the physics department at U of O. Now, however, I have downloaded a little chess app for the iPod, and reliably lose at just its third level of difficulty. Moreover, it is due to mortifying stupidity!


susan said...

Hmm, perhaps I should strike while the iron is hot and actually play a few games with you. Of course, I'm sure I would still lose miserably.

MC Squared said...

I've been playing the computer with the chess game that comes with windows 7. I am starting to win occasionally on level 2, but only with good use of ctrl-z, which is like taking back your move once you've let go of your piece.