Google Auto Suggest

When typing in "What is this o" I get auto suggestions that say:
  • What is this object
  • What is this ominous light that threatens to engulf us
  • What is this of which you speak
  • What is this on my lip
  • What is this old man about
  • What is this on the impossible test
  • What is this one rule to a flat stomach
  • What is this old tool
  • What is this oil spill
  • What is this octopus thinking
This isn't as funny of a list as the last one. I guess herpes is just intrinsically funny.


susan said...

And yet there was still some herpes in this list (What is this on my lip). My favorite is the last one. I assume it's in reference to Paul the Prognosticating German Octopus?

MC Squared said...

*nods at Susan*



*shakes head*

I suppose there isn't a secret population of internet savvy octopuses testing Google's mind reading capabilities.


Tom said...

I was thinking it might be some kind of *shows you a photograph* "What is this octopus thinking?" As though you could read his expression.

Anonymous said...