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susan said...

I pity the fools who google "Live feeds from Hos" and end up here...

(Except not so much with the pity.) ;)

MC Squared said...

I actually came here to get that multi-feed link you posted a while back. Thanks for anticipating my needs.

MC Squared said...

I don't know if this is up your alley or not, but I was watching one particular camera:


I noticed the Depth values was ~4878, a little less than a mile in feet, so I figured the values were in feet.

I wrote down the N and E coordinates on the display:

N ~10431620
E ~1202805

Assuming those are in feet as well, I decided to put them into radians.

WGS earth radius
a: 6,378,137 meters
b: 6,356,752.3 meters

average = 6367444.65 meters = 20890566.46 feet

N ~0.499346
E ~0.0575764

N ~28.61041
E ~3.2988847

So according to Wikipedia, the DWH was located here when it sank:

28.736667°N 88.386944°W

So you can see my North calculation is basically spot on.

If we take my East calculation and move it 90° West.

86.7011153 W

Which is pretty close.

So do you think Wikipedia is off by about 1.5 degrees, or there's something off with my math?

I also find it interesting that BP's rovers like to think that the east west boundary is in the US.