Google Autosuggest

When I type "when will" into the search field I get the following results:
  • when will i die
  • when will strasburg pitch next
  • when will the world end
  • when will verizon get the iphone
  • when will stasburg pitch
  • when will i be mayor
  • when will strasburg pitch again
  • when will strasburg be called up
  • when will verizon get iphone
  • when will the new ipone come out

Don't you love the thought of the same person querying again and again, desperately wanting google to give them the answer to life, the universe, when Strasburg will pitch, and iphone availability schedules?

Also, "when will i be mayor" is a good one. Like some petulant city council member mistaking google for a Magic 8-Ball.


susan said...

The mayor one is definitely my favorite. Makes me wonder if that's a song lyric though.

susan said...

(Ah, not a lyric. An app.)