Fast As Fats Can Be

All of the treadmills were taken at the gym when I arrived this evening, and all the timers seemed to indicate that people had quite some time left in their slow, slow moseying. So I went outside and did sprints. 8x70 yards up a very slight grade, with slow jog back for recovery. It was tough. I can't believe I used to actually like doing windsprints.

I remember especially liking the ones during basketball season where you did lines (run from baseline to freethrow stripe, back to baseline, to half court, back to baseline, to far freethrow stripe, back to baseline, to the far baseline and back... while crouched over, pushing along the ground a 2"x4" wrapped in a slightly damp towel.


susan said...

It would seem, then, that contrary to the stereotype, married life does not automatically increase all men's tendencies toward masochism. ;)

Anonymous said...

I felt good to be in really good shape!

Grandpa J