Seriously, Can I Buy a Break?

Last Wednesday afternoon I tweaked my back again and was terribly uncomfortable (lower back-related-spasm activities). Thought it was going to be all better yesterday, felt pretty good all day. Sitting in my desk I twisted a bit and felt like I'd been hit by lightning, followed by a general re-clenching of the back muscles that'd just been insulted.

So, that was really painful. Bad enough that I begged off work the rest of the afternoon and set an appointment at the doctor's office for this morning.

The usual prodding plus a spinal x-ray later, they sent me off with a scrip for something to release the spasms. I am hoping that will set things right.

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ml said...

get some physical therapy. i tweaked my back something fierce a few years ago - and i've found that rolling on a big foam roller (http://www.power-systems.com/s-67-foam-rollers.aspx), and stretching etc (piraformis, butt, back) has kept it from happening again. on the plus side i'm sure soren will love a foam roller! but a lot of lower back pain is caused by tight legs/hips/butt muscles so learning how to properly stretch them is amazing! i can give you a lesson when im in DC in july!