Crashing Out

USMNT: Glad you advanced, was hoping for more. Once again, you showed incredible heart, and fair craft at times, both of which things I love. Hold your heads up, have fantastic club seasons, and I will absolutely tune in whenever y'all are on.

ESPN/ABC/Other networks: all(Ed: some*) of your sponsors deserve and will get some business from me. Show more soccer; do it year-round (you can, since MLS runs a counter-schedule). You really did pretty good, and I enjoyed your broadcasts. Except those damn vuvuzelas.

MLS: we need a reserve division or league, and more academy signings. Only some of our talent can be developed in other countries!

USSF: more friendlies--do some in the PNW (the setting up of a nice triangle rivalry between Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle MLS franchises is very exciting!)

*some are just a bridge too far, though. I hate that damn Bing commercial. And the Adidas commercials aren't doing Adidas any favors. Just so stupid. Though I was amused briefly by the one where the narrator says "Late to a contest of speed. The irony."


Anonymous said...

Grr. Grudging show of respect for Ghana, the last hope of Africa in this Cup. They won this match fairly and deserve to advance. Feel for the lads though.

Soccer Grandpa J

MC Squared said...

The kerning on club is leaving me wondering what a dub season would be.

The vuvuzelas don't bother me at all.

It's wishful thinking, but I'd really like to get a European styled league going in the states. It would be sweet if a group of really talented guys could just form a club and work their way up through the ranks to the national level.

I'm pretty excited about the Timbers entering the MLS, and I'm looking forward to some Timbers / Sounders rivalry. I'm not sure about Vancouver.