What to do About FIFA?

Their bizarre and Machiavellian choice to have Qatar host the 2022 World Cup Final is like a poisoned dirk lodged in my breast. I have nothing against the Qatari (is that right?) people, but apparently FIFA's ExCom do: the "government" of Qatar is apparently on the hook for tens and tens of Billions of dollars worth of extravagant construction--luxury items like giant stadia (which will somehow be climate-controlled and Carbon-neutral and disassembled after the WCF and shipped to a variety of deserving nations) as well as infrastructure (airports, rail, and roads) that will be dramatically out sized to their population (and therefore subject to decay immediately) and hospitality amenities that will go unused after the WCF--for which they will have just evanescent use, at tremendous opportunity cost!

I am hopeful that a short while in advance it will become apparent that this millstone is too heavy for Qatar, and FIFA will discreetly approach one of the few countries able to host a WCF on short/no notice (the US, UK, a few countries in Western Europe--maybeAustralia) and either be rebuffed, or have their disgusting manipulations turned back on them.

Imagine the US saying "Absolutely! We're all in!" and then threatening FIFA with canceling the tournament 26 days out unless FIFA charters/incorporates in the US. Then we introduce the fabulous ExCom to our little friends: RICO statutes.


Anonymous said...

Donald 'Shadow' Rimgale: [at Ronald's parole hearing] What about FIFA, Ronald? What would you like to do to FIFA?
Ronald Bartel: Burn it all.
Donald 'Shadow' Rimgale: See you in 4 n years, Ronald.

MC Squared said...

If the hospitality amenities are sufficiently well built (steel frame, rebar, and concrete), they can serve as bunkers/shelters for when oil is found in the area and the U.S. finds a sudden need to liberate the people.