Stupid Old Muscles

Went to the doctor today, since my leg was feeling distinctly worse after pushing the kitty litter box out of the hall with my foot on Saturday night. He confirmed my guess that I had a mild Grade II strain (very mild ecchymosis along with the other signs like sharp pain, inability to play on, pain on touching, etc).

Apparently it can take up to 10 weeks to get all the way better from that. SUCKS.

So what cardio can I do in the meantime? I'm not buying a crank bike (Aside: my first search at Amazon for this led to Wrenching 101).


susan said...

You can swim just using your arms (hold one of those foam things between your knees). Added benefit: hot tub time afterward.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tommy! What a bummer to have happen. I'm so sorry, honey. Take care and heal well.


Anonymous said...

What kind of Black Knight are you anyway?

Tom said...

The kind who recognizes that while it is only a flesh wound, I'm MADE of flesh, and don't heal as fast as I once did.

Anonymous said...