More Games

Two weeks ago I kinda strained my quad, so took it pretty easy over the next week, with only light running, etc. Thought it was better last week, but discovered during our game that it was not. Came out of that game with a nice goal, a near loss, and TWO strained quads.

This week I've done no running at all, spent the first couple of days with ice packs and then alternating heat and ice, and am planning on playing half in the goal, and not shooting for the half I'm not the goalie!

I am hopeful that by next week I'll actually be up to working out, and then playing, but we'll see. Being prematurely old is no good.

In other news, I read two of Nassim Nicholas Taleb's books (The Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness. I found these to be substantially the same book! Furthermore, he's kind of a showoff, rubbing your nose in his erudition. Ordinarily that isn't too bad... I mean, I thought the same thing when I started reading American Gods... but unlike with American Gods, that feeling did not go away with Taleb's books. Take from that what you will. I guess I tend to be okay with any level of snobbery less than or equal to my own?

Content-wise, I'd say the motivating ideas are worth consideration, though a fair bit of the social science research he discusses is better presented in Nudge, or even in the original works. (See, I am too well educated, Taleb. You jerk.)


MC Squared said...

Is that "am too" like the four year old argumentative rebuttal to "are not"?

Tom said...

Yes. I didn't write "I am too" did I?

susan said...

Ah, nuance. It's so hot right now. Nuance.

Anonymous said...

..So both legs are ornamental now?

Decrepit Dad