I have questions for you, if you ever see this.

Do you see any practical way to get where you want to go? I mean that figuratively, not literally, though of course large-scale roads are awfully hard to imagine coming about as the result of market forces. Not impossible, just... really unlikely.

If we get where you want to go, how long do you think that state will persist? Can you close the door to feature creep and still maintain responsiveness to the requirements of the constituents? That is, will there be some iron laws that will never be changed?


Anonymous said...

Make them see it.
The Marginal Revolution will not be televised. It is however,read by
that kind.

Old Liberaltarian

Anonymous said...

I read Krugman when ever I can, but I also search for the other side of the story- the twisted roundabout libertarian side, and often end up at Tyler's place.
Why don't you go there and aks somebody ?


Tom said...

I read that site, too, but I'm certainly not going to ask any questions. Talking to libertarians on line when you don't have a prior personal relationship is like a Martian talking to a Fungo.

Anonymous said...

I have gone there many a time and essentially challenged them to stop begging a(the) question, or engaging in ad hominem attacks or simply saying AUSTRIAN! or HAYEK! or MISES!
I think Tyler is really smart and knowledgeable and sometimes actually engages in reality based discussion.

Doubting Thomas