25 Things

  1. I click my teeth together and modulate the sound with my oral cavity to play little songs. In completely unrelated news, I'll probably need to get fake teeth at some point.
  2. Salt and vinegar potato chips are probably my favorite, but they're disgusting. Go figure.
  3. I read and re-read lame "swords and sorcery"-type books when I'm feeling a lot of stress.(cf. here,here, and here)
  4. I hate turning left (in a car, not on the runway) and think it really ought to be eliminated entirely.
  5. When I was a little kid I wanted for some time to be an FBI agent. I made a huge mess with fingerprint powder.
  6. I have a really unpleasant dependence on caffeine that I'd like to one day kick.
  7. My nose developed this mole right on the end in high school. Thanks, mole.
  8. I actually kind of like plaid flannel shirts.
  9. I used to wear socks around the house when I was a lad. But I kept stepping in wet stuff (e.g. drops of water in the kitchen) which made me insane. I'm doing it again, though.
  10. Bright light gives me a headache. Not a migraine, just a headache.
  11. I've only ever gotten the tiniest effect from poison oak, and only once, in the crook of my elbow. Since then I've hauled myself uphill with the stuff, spattered my face with its pulp whilst weed-whacking, etc., with no ill effect.
  12. I overslept and then mismanaged time on my wedding day, leading to a bit of an overly speedy drive to the site. I arrived in plenty--PLENTY!--of time.
  13. I had a not-bad golf-swing when I was younger.
  14. I swallowed LEGOs as a kid. Not just the tiny ones. It was an experiment.
  15. I find wood-splitting to be a ton of fun.
  16. These days I find it difficult to go to sleep without a pillow over my face.
  17. When I die I'd like to be cremated. Compress my ashes into a diamond, or something.
  18. I am growing more liberal, conservative, and libertarian, with time.
  19. I am abjectly terrified of spiders, this despite the fact I used to play with them a lot.
  20. I am pretty afraid of heights, but I love to fly, ride roller coasters.
  21. I caught a few minutes of the super bowl last night, more, I think, than the last few years.
  22. My favorite food is probably ribs.
  23. My least favorite food is probably offal.
  24. I love fall. I think spring may be too ostentatious.
  25. I have freakish luck with one-shot impersonations. I can never repeat the performance.


Kyle said...

I forgot that you got me hooked on salt and vinegar potato chips, its like smack, there's no going back. They're horrid and yet I can't stop eating them once I start.


MC Squared said...

#2 - I love them and I think they are wonderful.
#4 - Not everyone can be an ambi-turner.
#5 - You two match
#6 - There's a little bit of every woman's dad in their husband
#15 - Ditto
#18 - I think me too
#19 - Spiders are my friends

Thanks for sharing.