Wholly random recruitment, Batman!

So 50% of our research group was eating lunch toghether, today. We were sitting outside, in the crisp noon. All of a sudden, two people showed up and asked if any of us were interested in being on a new TV show, where people win by completing intellectual challenges.

Naturally, we were suspicious that these were cult members, or worse, representatives of a dating show.

They assured us that such was not the case, and agreed with Kartik that the show was to be sort of like a "Dork Survivor" project. Apparently, the gist is as follows: live in an L.A. mansion for 3 weeks in February, competing against other smarties from such august institutions as Harvard, MIT, UPenn, etc.

When we asked for a card to pass along to any interested parties, they failed the test of preparation, and gave us a handwritten set of numbers and the instruction to "Ask for Megan."

So that was weird.

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