I'm not sure what makes me most discouraged - the fact that Shrub won, why/how he won, or the whole gay marriage ban thing. I guess the last two are somewhat related gripes. I'm disgruntled by the fact that exit polling seems to indicate that a large chunk of voters made their choices based on "morality."

Well, he thinks gays are sinners and abortion is evil, just like I do, so I'm goin' with him in spite of the fact that I have no job and my kids are getting shot at in Iraq. Praise Jesus and bring down the terrorists...and those sinning homosexuals!

(grimace) That's great; how can we be so supposedly advanced a society and have no concept that a leader's capacity for effective foreign policy just might be a bit more important than his church attendance record?

I'm doubly disgruntled (hey, that'd be a pretty good punk band name) by the fact that all 11 states with a "marriage definition" measure on the ballot passed it easily. I thought Oregon had a chance at least, but noooooooooo. So the religious majority gets to decide how other people get to live and who they can live with in marriage? So much for a free country. Yeah, I know there's the slippery slope argument that "if we allow gay marriage, then polygamy's next!" For that matter, I'm not sure I really give a damn, so long as it's consensual. Hey, it's not for me, but it's also not for me to decide that it's not for you either.

So yeah, I guess in writing about it I've found that I am in fact more peeved by the hows and whys of yesterday's outcome than I am about the outcome itself. I guess I just had hoped better of the people in this country.

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