Fun Times

Got back from Ft. Benning this afternoon. It was pretty neat. For part of the exercise I was in the gunner's seat in a Bradley fighting vehicle. Fired off a bunch of rounds of its 25mm Bushmaster cannon--and its 7.62mm coaxial medium machine gun--at some old tanks down range. Here's a picture: (photo by Spc. Rodney L. Foliente, 4th Inf. Div. PAO, here)

Also exciting was firing the M240B light machine gun, pictured above.

Super cool, and kicking like a mule, the .50 cal M107 sniper rifle was a lot of fun. I put my shots where I was aiming, at 450 meters. Here's what that lovely lady looks like. It was highly amusing.


Anonymous said...

There's a new colonel in the family...
they say he's a bad mutha- shut yo mouth!

Son of a colonel man

susan said...

Most bitchin'

Uncle Bill said...

I want to play ARMY too;like I used to. What, no paint balls!