That Went Better Than Expected

At Susan's urging, I located a group of people that plays pickup soccer in the area; this morning I went to play. There was nobody there when I arrived (on time), but folks trickled in pretty regularly after about five minutes.

We played three-on-three for a bit, and then four-on-four when some more folks arrived. I was very tired after the first half hour of play, though it was not so bad. I was definitely not the worst player there! I haven't played since (I think) Spring of 2000! My big toe and its pad (on both feet) are blistered! I think I'll go back next weekend!


Anonymous said...

Get stuck in !


William said...

Hey Tom; it is just like riding a bike, you never forget. Good for you.

MC Squared said...

That's really cool. I'm going to try indoor soccer this winter. It will be my first attempt at any form of non-passive soccer.