Time Machine or Decapitation Hazard?

Right now I think I'm just glad that gull-wing doors are rare. I was biking in to campus this morning at a fair clip--in order to keep with traffic--when I was hit with a door.

A delivery-type truck-door popped into my field of vision, it's edge barely far enough out to catch me. Had it been a passenger car, I'd have cleared it easily. Instead I was thrown around/over the door, rolling out towards the sidewalk so I didn't damage myself in the landing.

Even so, it really wasn't great. I'm bruised and scraped and was very, very startled at the speed with which crap happened. I'm okay, but I don't want any part of that again, and my bicycle is the worse for the wear. The two lower-geared drive sprockets are bent--the lowest-gear bent dramatically--presumably from impacting the door. The cross-post has a big streak of the door's paint. Poor bicycle.


Anonymous said...

Sympathies for your bike(and body).

The Dad One

Megan said...


Tom said...

Yeah that was not the way I was hoping to start the day. I'm thinking it won't be a great way to start tomorrow--there's going to be a spectacular bruise on my shoulder tomorrow.

ml said...

wow you got doored! that is terrible.
did the driver offer compensation? are you going to sue? who is at fault, i wonder?

Tom said...

Didn't offer anything, but I didn't ask, either. I don't know what to say w/r/t fault. I think it was his, though. Not going to sue.

Anonymous said...

How does your bike 'feel' about this ?