The Osmotic Governor

I'm thinking a list is in order
  • Idaho's Butch Otter: legislative, executive, and military experience, a Catholic.
  • North Dakota's John Hoeven: very popular, nation's longest serving gov, former CEO, a conservative Catholic.
  • Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty: legislative and executive experience, a former executive of a company, Evangelical. Interacted with officials from India, China, Mexico, Canada on matters of trade.
  • Vermont's Jim Douglas: political wunderkind with legislative and executive experience. Established a sister city in Russia, fluent in Russian. No doubt deals with Canadian syrup poachers. A Freemason!
  • Florida's Charlie Crist: right there in the name. Methodist swing-state gov.
  • From the former Republic of Texas, Rick Perry: long-serving gov, former Air Force officer, legislative experience, social conservative. On the other hand, Endorsed Giuliani.
  • Hawaii's Linda Lingle: long-serving Jewish gov. Mayor, council-member, high approval rating. Hawaii is very close to a number of other countries... compared to a lot of states.
So, I'm not sure... but do you think one of these border-state governors might have more experience than the one up for VP? Maybe even useful experience? No? Seriously? Alaska?


MC Squared said...

So many comments to leave on this one. I think I'll be back. The comment that keeps coming to the forefront, though, is this: "Tell me more about Canadian syrup poachers."

Anonymous said...

Hoeven is N.D.. The Gov of Montana is a Dem.


Tom said...

Right! Damn it, I meant to write N.D.

MC Squared said...

But name one that looks more like an ex-SNL co-star.

susan said...

Dude, Linda Lingle totally looks like the Church Lady. (At least in that picture at the top of her Wikipedia page.)

Tom said...

Butch Otter for the win!