6 Weird Things About Me

Susan has "invited" me to participate in this "meme." (I think it's a misuse of the word, but whatevs). Here you go:
  • Clean Messes: I don't mind a certain amount of messiness... so long as edges of objects in the mess are parallel and not askew.
  • Stubbornly Refuse Recommendations: Basically, if more than one person (or the same person more than once) recommends something to me forcefully, I will refuse it. I don't know why, but it seems like badgering, and I hate badgers.
  • Afraid of Heights But Love to Fly, Ride Rollercoasters, Climb Things: Go figure. I'm terrified when I look over high edges, or drive near ravines, cliffs, etc.
  • Life Sized Cardboard Cutouts and People in Animal Suits Disturb Me: I just get the willies!
  • Tremor: I have one. Have had for years.
  • Periodic Teeth-clenching Whilst In Transit: I clench my teeth (gently) whenever I pass between dots on a dotted-line road.
Weird, I know.

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