Some days I despair over conservatives who back Bush. The guy spends money as freely as Teddy K, but talks a good line to the conservatives and they buy it!

When they bring up the war on terror, it gets worse. If you want to take the fight to the enemy (which I'm sorta okay with), you have to find an actual enemy. UPDATE: You have to find the enemy, not create him.

For some reason, the conservatives don't mind hitching our wagon to Saudi Arabia and Packistan. They don't mind continuing support of Egypt. Basically, a big portion of the bad actors you can think of, we continue to back.

We keep going to sleep with dogs, we'll wake up with fleas, again. For "dogs," read "evil-corrupt strongmen ruling nations full of hopeless young people that we, by doing nothing, radicalize," and for "fleas," "additional enemies throughout the world."

End of rant.

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